Friday, November 18, 2016

Donation Button & Thank you

Hello Everyone,

I was recently messaged by a fan of my designs and she was wanting to know if I accept donations for all the freebies I give away! I told her I do not require any payment back for what I give away as a free product. She insisted that she give me something, which I thought was quite kind of her for wanting to do.

So in telling you this I have placed a donate button on my blog but I in no way require donations unless you feel the need to do so. I give away freebies to all of you as my gift back to those who love this hobby as much as I do. I can tell you though scrapping is not cheap, I have spent hundreds on scrap supplies, tools and programs to make my designs so they are very high quality products. So you can know any an all donations will be placed back into my designing!

But again I in no way ask for anything in return for my giveaways!

I thank you all so much that love my designs it makes me feel so honored to know I can design something that you can use to treasure your memories of family, holidays, outing and childrens milestones!

I would love to see anything you create with my designs, please send them to an with your permission I will share here on my blog!

thank you so much again for being such loyal fans and big hugs to each of you!!

Love and hugs,

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